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Best birthday wishes go to [ profile] docwebster!! :) May the next year bring you the peace of mind you crave so deeply.
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To the fair [ profile] ladyalafair.

May this year be not only all you want, but all you need as well.
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Happy birthday wishes go to [ profile] valkyrwench!!!

Hope this one's the best of the bunch so far and may the next be even better. :)
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Best wishes to [ profile] otherbill!! Hope today is awesome for you.
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Best wishes for a wonderful year, [ profile] badger2305! :)
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Happy Birthday to [ profile] banazir!!
My the next year hold joy and happiness for you.

Hey kiddo.

Sep. 29th, 2007 09:48 am
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Happy Birthday, [ profile] masteralida!!!
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Happy Birthday, [ profile] darana!!!

May this next year be filled with life, laughs and love. :-)
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Happy birthday to [ profile] queenmidalah!!!

May the next year fulfill your dreams. :-)
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Happy birthday to [ profile] lonsolo!! :-)

May the next year find you happy and fulfilled.
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To a very sweet young lady...
Happy birthday, [ profile] kylakae!!!!

I hope this next year is one of fun, family and feasting! ;-) (Healthy feasting, of course!) :-D
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Today's birthday wishes go to [ profile] phawkwood!!

I hope this year you find fun and satisfaction from everything you do. :-)
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Happy Birthday wishes to [ profile] ericcoleman!!

May the next year be filled with fun, friends and music!
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Happy Birthday,[ profile] dandelion_diva!!!

Hope the next year brings much joy and love for you. :-)
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Happy birthday, [ profile] eleccham!! Hope your next year is blessed with close friends and a healthy loving family. :-)
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This Hoppy Bird Hay goes out to [ profile] gundo!!

Y'old fart! ;-)
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Happy Birthday to the young-un [ profile] masteralida!

Hoppy Bird Hay, Two Ewes!
Hoppy Bird Hay, Two Ewes!
Hoppy Bird Hay, [ profile] masteralida...
Hoppy Bird Hay, Two Ewes!
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Happy Birthday. [ profile] born_to_me!!

We may not be related by blood, but know that you are close to my heart and a great friend.
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Doing a two-fer today.
[ profile] cerval & [ profile] greyman!

[ profile] cerval, my wish for you is health, love, peace and happiness in your life. May your day be filled with peace and good friends.

[ profile] greyman, may your family and friends remember your presence in their lives and the true gift you are. May your day be filled with love and harmony.
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Hoppy birfaday, [ profile] kshandra!!!

I hope today and the new year you begin is filled with dear friends; wonderful and exciting experiences; and joyous happy love.



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