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Friends of mine are in dire straights. They tried to start a convention and due to various things, it won't be possible to run. However, the hotel has them on the hook for several thousands of dollars (north of 20K). If at all possible, if you have anything extra and can help, please go to and donate to help cover their losses.
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Daranacon Guest list:

Actor Guest of Honor: Mira Furlan

Ms. Furlan is known for her award winning portrayal of Delenn on Babylon5. She has also portrayed Danielle Rousseau on Lost (Images will be up on the site shortly)

Author Guest of Honor: Peter. S. Beagle
Mr. Beagle's best known book is The Last Unicorn, but he has written many richly different novels and screenplays, including Star Trek's "Sarek" and other film and television features.

Artist Guest of Honor: Tom Hodges
This talented Star Wars artist's work has appeared in Hyperspace and other venues. How to Draw Starwars, written by Bonnie Burton and illustrated by Matt Busch (his rendering of Mr. Hodges graces our website) and Tom Hodges, will be on store shelves January 15th!

Dance Guest: Tempest of Miami
Recently cast in "The Magic Of Bellydance" Video, produced by world class Bellydance Superstar(tm) Ansuya, and set for release the Winter of 2006, Tempest has performed at South Florida's Camelot Days with the Lotus Dancers.

Special Musical Guest: Local Stranger
Kansas City's premier rock bandwill be performing a variety of your favorites from Jimmy Page to Van Halen, with their own unique originals mixed in. Come and enjoy the unequaled sights and sounds of these fellow fans at Daranacon.

Further updates as they come! :-)


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